Are Remington Core Lokt Bullets Good For Elk?

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Big game in the United States is mostly deer. They can weigh as much as 300 pounds, and it is the most popular type of hunting. However, many deer hunters dream of going out west to elk hunt one day. An elk is larger than most deer, and they are very clever creatures. They live in rugged terrain that is steep and dense, and they can cover a lot of ground in a day. It is essential to be prepared when you go, and you need a good rifle and ammo that will allow you to make a quick and ethical shot. 

Remington Core Lokt has been around since 1939, and it is a simple yet effective bullet for big game. It has a lead-alloy core and a gliding metal jacket that is locked onto the core. It is a simple bullet, but it kills elk quickly because it can use 80% of its energy in the first eight inches that it penetrates. You can use the Remington Core Lokt to hunt elk.

When you choose the right bullet, you need to look for something quick and effective. The Remington Core Lokt does an excellent job.

Are Remington Core Lokt Good For Elk

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What Makes the Remington Core Lokt a Good Bullet?

When looking for a bullet to hunt elk, you don’t have to look for the most expensive one. The Remington Core LoktOpens in a new tab. is one of the oldest bullets, having been made in 1939. It has been effective ever since. 

This bullet has a tapered copper jacket that is locked to a solid lead core mechanically. The lead core has an hourglass shape, and these bullets can undergo rapid but controlled expansion. They also retain most of their weight. They often mushroom and become close to twice their original diameter. 

The shape of the bullet helps to prevent it from expanding too rapidly. It gives you massive tissue destruction as well as deep wounds. It is often called the deadliest mushroom in the woods. 

People also like this bullet because it is reasonably priced and comes in many different centerfire rifle cartridges. It is one of the most commonly purchased bullets for deer hunting, and it is known for good accuracy in several other rifles. 

What Is the New Core Lokt Tipped Bullet?

Vista Outdoors acquired Remington in 2020, and they still offer the original bullet from 1939. However, they also make a new bullet called the Core Lokt TippedOpens in a new tab., which adds a polymer tip. This type of bullet is popular with hunters because it protects the tip of the bullet from damage.

When a bullet tip is damaged, it can affect your accuracy. In addition, the polymer tip will streamline the shape of the bullet and increase the BC. For example, a 150 grain .30 caliber Core Lokt bullet has a .314 BC, while the Tipped version has a .480 BC. It has less drop and less drift, and it offers more advantages when the range increases. 

Where Do You Need to Place Your Shot to Kill an Elk?

When you use the Remington Core Lokt to hunt elk, you must understand the anatomy of the elkOpens in a new tab. so that you know where to place your shot. You need to hit one of the vital organs to have what is considered an ethical shot. The most vital organs are the heart and the lungs. This gives you the quickest kill, which is the most ethical way to kill an elk.

The lungs offer you the biggest target, and if you get a double lung shot, it will take the elk down quickly. You can do the same with a heart shot, but the target is much smaller, and you need to be very accurate. The heart is located behind the elk’s front shoulder, closer to the bottom of the body cavity. It will go into the shoulder and wound the elk without killing it if you shoot above it.

The scapula of the elk can be anywhere from 1/4 inch to 2-1/2 inches thick. The elk also has a thick hide and strong muscles, so your bullet needs to penetrate through a lot before it can reach the vital organs. You need to consider the angle you shoot from, and there are two that are effective. 

The broadside shot gives you the most prominent target. This is the ideal shot for most hunters, and it gives you the least amount of bone to go through. If you can get this angle, you can do either vital with a quick and ethical kill. 

Another shot that works is the quartering away angle. If it is slightly quartered away, it gives you the vital areas, and you will be able to get off a deep shot that penetrates. It is important to visualize your shot so that you can identify it when the opportunity presents itself. 

You can use the Remington Core Lokt for either of these shots when you are hunting elk. You may see other positions from the elk, but it is best to wait. The reality is that other options require you to shoot through too much bone, and the chances of penetrating the vitals are lower. It is more likely that you will injure the elk rather than kill it. 

Final Words

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When hunting elk, it is important to have a bullet that is effective at quickly killing the animal. The Remington Core Lokt offers you this option. It is a very popular bullet for hunting deer, and it works well for elk. Many people say that they have never had trouble with penetration when hunting elk with this bullet. The key is to make sure that you have a good shot that allows the bullet to penetrate the lungs and heart without going through a lot of bone. Broadside slightly quartering away are two positions that work well.

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