True or False? You Need Amazing Eyesight For Archery

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Fact checked by Steven Lines, lifelong Hunter and Outdoorsman.

When learning archery, you will need to be aware that there is a lot of misinformation available online. This has allowed some myths to circulate. One of the biggest myths is that you need fantastic eyesight to be a successful archer. But is this myth true or false?  

You don’t need to have excellent eyesight to be an archer. If you need to, you can shoot while wearing glasses. For the visually impaired, you might even be able to do tactile shooting techniques. In some cases, archery might also be able to help you improve your vision.  

Archery is designed to be as accessible as possible. People of all ages and ability levels will be able to participate. Even if you have poor eyesight, you will be able to shoot.  

Do You Need Good Eyesight For Archery? 

You don’t need to have excellent eyesight to be a successful archer. This can be seen by looking at some of the most successful archers in the world.  

A great example of this is Im Dong Hyun. This archer is classed as legally blind and can’t see out of his right eye. Despite this, he is still able to set world records and win gold medals. He’s not alone. There are hundreds of people around the world who can enjoy shooting despite having some vision problems.  

While many people assume that having a clear vision is a pre-requisite for archery, this isn’t the case. There are many more elements that successful archers will need to master.  

For example, you will need to be able to make sure that you are holding the bow correctly. You will also need to make sure that you are applying the right amount of pressure to the bowstring. In most cases, these elements might be more important than merely being able to see the target.   

Despite this, there are a few techniques that those who struggle with eyesight can use to improve their aim and get better results on the range.  

The most important thing is finding a technique that works for you. This can mean wearing glasses while you shoot, using tactile archery methods, or trying out new equipment. Let’s take a closer look at each of these approaches so that you can find the right one for you.  

Can You Shoot While Wearing Glasses? 

In most cases, those with poor eyesight will be used to wearing glasses to help them to see clearly and complete day-to-day activities. Thankfully, you will be able to wear glasses when on the range, by making a few small changes to your style.  

There are many reasons why archers might want to wear glasses. For example, some need them for their eyesight. Others might prefer to use them as a form of safety precaution or as sun protection. In other cases, it might be to stop the wind from blowing dust into their eyes.  

When using glasses, the most important thing to remember is to control your anchor point. This is the position you adopt when you hold the string as you drawback on the bow and aim.  

When shooting in glasses, you might need to change your anchor point slightly to make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with the lenses. The most common anchor point is the side of your face. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally knock the glasses off your face.  

If you are new to the archery world or are just getting used to wearing glasses, you might want to practice these techniques so that you can get used to the unique anchor point.  

In other cases, people with poor eyesight might want to wear contacts. This will allow them to see clearly without needing to use glasses. 

What Is Tactile Shooting?

If you have a more severe vision impairment, you can still participate in the joys of archery. In many cases, people who are legally blind will always be able to enjoy spending time on the archery range.  

In tactile archery, archers will have a tripod assembled for them. This will make it easier for you to aim, allowing you to get your bearings. This unique set-up makes it easier for them to aim and hit the target.  

In most cases, vision-impaired archers will be accompanied by a spotter. This will be able to make sure that they are staying safe on the range. In some cases, the spotter might also be able to tell you whether they are on target. This can make it easier for you to adjust their shots to become more accurate.  

Using Specialized Equipment For Poor Eyesight 

There are some cases where you might want to consider using specialized equipment to help you with your eyesight issues.  

It’s common for those with poor eyesight to experiment with different types of equipment to help them overcome the problem. For example, you might find it easier for you to aim with an unusual sight. In other cases, people might want to experiment with a new type of bow.  

In some cases, this can be a great way to improve. In this area, you might want to experiment with multiple pieces of equipment, seeing which one suits you the most. This will allow you to adapt your approach to suit your needs.  

However, it’s generally best to focus on improving your technique, rather than changing the equipment that you use. This will deliver better results over the long term.  

In this area, you should make sure that you are focusing on building your strength and conditioning. This will make it easier for you to pull back on the drawstring, giving you more control over the bow. By doing this, you will be able to produce more accurate shots.  

Can Archery Improve Eyesight? 

As we’ve seen, you can still become an archer even if you have poor eyesight. However, if you are looking for a way to improve your vision, you might want to try using archery. This exercise has been shown to have a few distinct benefits for your eyesight.  

Like all muscles, the eyes can be trained. There are a few ways that archery can do this. First, you will be practicing the process of fixation. This is where you will be staring at an object in the distance.  

If you are using a sight, you can also practice your ability to move between two-point distances. For example, you will be looking, first at the target, then back at sight. The more often this process occurs, the better you will be able to deal with objects that are in the distance. 

By building these skills, you will be able to begin training your eyes and improving your vision. This can be a slow process, though it can produce long-term improvements in your eyesight.  

In Summary 

One of the biggest myths of archery is that you need to have excellent eyesight to participate. This is false. Anyone can join in the sport of archery. As we’ve seen, there are multiple ways that you can adjust your means of shooting to compensate for poor eyesight. In some instances, regular archery practice might even be able to strengthen and improve your vision.  

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True or False? You Need Amazing Eyesight For Archery

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