Remington 700 Vs Ruger American 🎯 Which One Is Better?

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New rifles hit the market every year, but few actually make an impact and garner attention. Every now and then, one does like the Ruger American. Still relatively new, some shooters might be wondering to themselves how this rifle stacks up to the infamous Remington Model 700. So between the Ruger American and the Remington Model 700, which one is better?

Both the Ruger American and the Remington Model 700 are excellent rifles. Both have excellent price points, amazing accuracy, and great reliability. To decide which one is better for your wants and needs, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each model. 

In order to decide between these two rifles, you must become more familiar with each one. Let’s take a deeper dive into both the Ruger American and the Remington Model 700 and see what some of the similarities and differences are between the two, as well as which one is better for you! 

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What is the Remington Model 700?

Many shooters will already be very familiar with the Remington Model 700. This gun has been around for a while and is often considered the gold standard for affordable bolt-action rifles. This popular firearm started life as being developed off of the Remington 721 and 722 rifles in 1948.

Based on these great designs, the Remington Model 700 was first introduced in 1962. This amazing rifle also gave way to the M24 and M40 military sniper rifles that were based upon the original Remington Model 700 design. 

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Ever since its introduction, the Remington Model 700 has become a popular bolt action rifle thanks to its simple yet effective design. It uses a manually operated bolt that locks with two forward lugs. This same bolt has a unique three-piece construction to ensure a great fit and action.

Because it has been around for so long, the Remington Model 700 now comes in many different configurations and variants that each have unique properties and characteristics. In addition to all of the different models and variants, the Remington Model 700 has also gone on to inspire the design and construction of very similar rifles as well. 

What is the Ruger American?

The Ruger American rifle is a relatively new bolt action rifle that was produced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. Designed in 2011 and put into production in 2012; this rifle may not have the years that the Remington Model 700 has but it has already proven itself to be worthy competition.

The design of this rifle is relatively straightforward as well. The barrel is hammer-forged with a blued black finish and is mounted onto a polymer composite stock. There are models available in a stainless steel version as well. Instead of using a traditional recoil lug, the barreled action is secured via a bedding system that utilizes two action blocks to wedge the receiver firmly into place.

This design allows the rifle to be produced inexpensively but still prevent any lateral shifts and serve a dual function as recoil lugs. And because the bolt action screws go through these action blocks, they act as pillar beddings and allow the barrel of the gun to actually be free-floated (which is a nice addition.)

Rounds are fed through a detachable rotary magazine that uses push feed to get new rounds, and the steel bolt has three locking lugs to give you a 70-degree angle of throw on the handle. Overall, the design of this rifle may seem simple, but every detail was thought out to give it features that only rifles of higher price tags usually have. 


What Are the Ruger American and Remington Model 700 Chambered In?

Since the Remington Model 700 has been around for so long, it can be found chambered in just about every caliber imaginable. Surprisingly, the Ruger American is found in just about as many as well! Although relatively new as far as models of rifles, Ruger itself is not a new company and has been producing firearms for years.

In fact, the Ruger American comes in several different variants to help shooters choose a style and caliber that best fits them. Right now, you can find the Ruger American in the following calibers:

204 Ruger223 Remington556 NATO
22-250 Remington243 Winchester270 Winchester
7mm-08 Remington30-06 Springfield308 Winchester
300 Blackout7.62 Soviet6.5 Grendel
6.5 Creedmoor450 Bushmaster7mm Remington Mag
300 Winchester Mag338 Winchester Mag260 Ackley

For a rifle that is barely ten years old, you have quite the selection of popular calibers to choose from! As far as the Remington Model 700, you have all of the above-listed calibers as well as many others when you consider the modularity of the platform.

The Remington Model 700 is available in many different calibers straight from the factory, but with a simple barrel swap or action work, it can be chambered in just about any caliber that you want! 

What Are the Differences Between the Ruger American and the Remington Model 700?

When comparing these two rifles side by side, you will notice plenty of differences. The very first thing that you will notice is the obvious weight difference when holding either rifle. The Remington Model 700 is a heavy gun and even heavier depending on some of its variants.

It will generally come in at around 9 pounds for its standard models—however, the Ruger American averages around 6 pounds for most of its variants. Talk about a big difference! 

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Another giant difference is the magazine in each gun. While the Remington Model 700 uses a push feed internal magazine (although there are variants that can use box magazines), the Ruger American utilizes a rotary magazine.

Ruger is very well known for its guns that use the same type and design of magazines, so it is a nice touch to see their newest bolt action rifle do the same. After all, if it is not broken, why would you fix it? 

Pros and Cons of the Ruger American

Because the Ruger American was designed to be a cheap, mass-produced bolt action rifle (same as the Remington Model 700), you are going to find a few minor cons to this rifle. This might mean a slip up here or there like a rough stock or sticky trigger, but generally, nothing that can’t be fixed yourself.

However, these types of issues are rare in this rifle, and that does not mean there are not plenty of pros as well! When looking into a Ruger American, regardless of the caliber that the gun is in, you will see these pros and cons:

Very inexpensiveSome components made of plastic
LightweightHarder to find upgrades or parts for
Versatile and great for hunting
Easy to clean

From being very inexpensive and lightweight to just how well it shoots, this rifle was made to be a cheaper alternative to Ruger’s higher-end models and be a mass-produced bolt-action firearm that anybody can afford.

With affordability generally comes a loss of quality, but Ruger did an excellent job of maintaining its high standards even with this budget bolt action.

The only major complaint about this rifle is that the few plastic parts (that should probably be metal) will wear out faster than usual, but they do help keep the price of the gun low, weight low, and do not affect the accuracy whatsoever. 

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Pros and Cons of the Remington Model 700

So, where does that leave the Remington Model 700? This gun, much like the Ruger, was intended to be a mass-produced, affordable bolt-action rifle that the majority of civilians could get their hands on. But when you mass produce something in numbers like the Remington 700, you will get a few that slip through the cracks.

Besides a few bad cases of quality control, the Remington Model 700 still has plenty of great benefits! Here are a few:

Time tested and a classicOlder models can be outdated for modern components
Versatile platform for upgrading or changingOccasional quality control issues
Powerful and ruggedA little more expensive than the Ruger
It can be made to be used in any application

As you can see, the Remington Model 700 is no slouch either. Because it has been around for so long, many different companies make and produce parts or gear for these rifles. This means that they are very versatile and can be set up to do whatever you want them to. Need a long-range sniper rifle for competition? It can do that.

Need a lightweight setup for backcountry hunting? A Remington Model 700 can do that as well. There are very few things that this rifle can’t do! And while it is true that it is slightly more expensive than the Ruger American, this price difference is actually pretty small and hardly noticeable to most people who are shopping around for a quality bolt action firearm. 

Ruger American or the Remington Model 700?

So which one of these guns is better? That will all come down to what your needs and budgets are. You should also think about what you expect out of the gun and if you want to change any of the parts or components after purchasing it. This will better help you to decide on which gun might better be a fit for you. 

For example, if you are on an extreme budget, then the Ruger American is most likely a better choice for you. Not only is it less expensive than the Remington Model 700, but there is a better chance that it will not need any additional work after purchasing. Right out of the box, it will be lightweight and accurate, perfect for hunting or recreational shooting.

The Ruger American is also a great choice if you want a lightweight rifle that you can carry while hunting for miles on end. Thanks to its reliable magazine design, you also don’t have to worry about it jamming on you.

If you want a gun that is a little more versatile and will give you more options for upgrading in the future, then the Remington Model 700 is a better choice. Because this rifle has been around for so long, the possibilities are endless for things like changing out the barrel, the stock, upgrading the bolt, or even changing calibers on the same rifle.

You can find parts, gear, and components just about anywhere and build a custom rifle for your exact needs. Just be sure to find a Remington Model 700 with a decent trigger before you buy it. Because these rifles are mass-produced, many will suffer from a bad trigger, so just check it out really well before making the purchase. 

But at the end of the day, both of these rifles are excellent choices. Both have proven themselves to be quality rifles for their inexpensive price tags and will be highly accurate right out of the box. And since both are available in a wide variety of different calibers, you can pick and choose the one that will have the ballistics and power you need depending on what your intended uses are for the gun. 

Final Thoughts

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So which gun is better, the Remington Model 700 or the Ruger American? That question is left up to you to decide. Both guns are among the most popular and best-selling bolt action rifles in the world, so you cannot go wrong either way.

After doing your research and deciding on what you need out of your rifle, you can finally ask yourself the question, which is better? You will also have the answer to whether it is a Ruger American or the Remington Model 700. 

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