What Is The Ideal Draw Weight For Hog Hunting? 🐗🏹

Hog hunting is an exciting pursuit. Because they are so large, you’ll require a higher draw weight to generate enough force to kill them. But what’s the best draw weight to use? After looking into the issue, here are some of the things you need to know. 

The draw weight will depend on the size of the hog that you are hunting. If it’s under 100 pounds, a 40-pound draw weight should be sufficient. For larger animals, you’ll want to aim for between 60 to 70 pounds. This should give you the power needed to get through the thick armor and land a kill shot. 

If you’re going hog hunting, you’ll make sure you’re taking the right gear with you. This will give you the best chance of getting a kill shot. Let’s look at everything you need to know about choosing the right draw weight. 

What Is The Ideal Draw Weight For Hog Hunting

What Draw Weight Should I Use? 

For many hunters, the draw weight is one of the first things they look at when choosing a bow. The draw weight refers to how much force will be required to pull the bow back. This is measured in pounds. Often, when stating the draw weight, there will be a hashtag behind the figure. For example, a 40-pound draw weight can be referenced as 40#. 

The higher the draw weight, the more force you will be able to put into the shot. This ensures that the arrow will have a better chance at penetrating the target. Larger animals, like hogs, will be more challenging to take down. They have thicker armor around them, which makes it harder to get a good shot. 

The ideal draw weight will often depend on the size of the hog you want to hunt. For a hog that’s under 100 pounds, you’ll usually require a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. If you’re going to hunt for a larger animal, you’ll need to increase your draw weight. Between 60 to 70 pounds will allow you to take on all hogs. 

What is my Current Draw Weight? 

A bow that has a higher draw weight will give you a better chance of a lethal shot. So, why aren’t all hunters shooting with the highest draw weight bow they can get their hands on?  Because you need to shoot with the right draw weight for you. Let me explain. 

If the draw weight is too high, you will struggle to pull back on the string. You won’t have as much time to aim. When you’re hunting hog, you’ll need to hit it in the right spot. If you don’t, you will struggle to get through the thick armor. An accurate shot at a lower weight is better than one that misses at a higher weight. 

The best way to test your draw weight is by sitting down. Then, try to draw back on the bow. This will take more effort than it does when you are standing. If you can do this, it’s good a draw-weight. Another test is standing in front of the mirror and drawing on the bow. This will let you look at your form. It would be best if you weren’t bending or hunching over to manage the weight. If you are struggling with this, we’ll look at some ways that you can improve your draw weight later. 

What is Let-Off? 

When you have a compound bows at full draw, there will be some let-off. This is expressed as a percentage of the weight of the bow. The best way to understand this concept is by looking at an example. Imagine you have a bow with 70-pound draw weight and a 75 percent let-off. In this case, at full draw, you will only need to hold 25 percent of the draw weight, which would be 17.5 pounds. Getting a bow with a high let-off will give you more time to line up your shot comfortably. Recurve bows don’t have a let-off. 

How Can I Adjust the Draw Weight on my Bow? 

Before you hunt, it’s essential to tune your bow. This will improve your accuracy and give you the right amount of power. You should be able to change the draw weight on your compound bow. This is a relatively simple procedure that you should be able to do at home. 

To test the current draw weight, attach the bow to a scale. You’ll then want to pull on it until it reaches full draw, the scale will display the draw weight. Gently return the bow to the starting position. You can then use an Allen wrench to adjust the limb bolts. Loosening them will lower the draw weight. Remember to adjust both bolts

This video goes into more detail, talking you through everything you need to know. 

Are There Regulations on Draw Weight?

Before you head out hunting hog, you’ll want to check the regulations in your state. Most have set minimum requirements for draw weight. This ensures that wildlife won’t be unnecessarily hurt by shots that aren’t powerful enough to be lethal. If you are shooting a bow that is below the minimum draw weight, you might be fined. 

The minimum draw weight for hunters will vary depending on what state you are in and what you are hunting. It’s important to check this before your trip. Some won’t have any; others will. Generally, you’ll want to get something higher than 40 pounds. However, in North Dakota, the minimum draw weight will be 50 pounds. 

How Can You Increase Draw Weight? 

The draw weight you select will depend on your physical strength. You’ll want to try and find a bow that you can pull back correctly, ensuring that the shot is accurate. The good news is that your draw strength can be increased over time. The best way to do this is through strength training. 

You don’t need to have a lot of equipment to start building your strength. Picking up some kettlebells can be a great tool to aid your training. You can also use your current weight through exercises like pull-ups and push-ups. This is a great way to improve your archery during the off-season. 

What Else Affects Your Ability to Hunt Hog? 

While draw weight is important, it isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you are hunting hogs. As we’ve mentioned, accuracy is key. There is a place where the hog’s armor will be weaker. Hitting the brain or a vital organ can be critical in getting a kill. 

You’ll also need to think about the type of arrow you are using. These will determine the amount of damage you do when you hit. This post goes into more detail about the best types of broadheads to use when you are hunting. 

It’s important to consider where you are when you take the shot. The closer you can get, the more damage you can do. But hogs tend to be attuned to any disturbances in the local environment. Because of this, getting too close might spook them, which can turn dangerous. This is one of the most strategic parts of hunting. 

Final Thoughts

Hunting for hog is an exciting pastime. These big animals will be a big challenge and yield plenty of meat. But to give yourself a chance of getting a kill, you’ll need to find the right draw weight. You’ll need to have at least 40 pounds, though the more force you can put behind each arrow, the better. 


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