Does Diesel Attract Wild Hogs? ⛽🐗

To hunt wild hogs, you first need to get them onto your property. One of the ways that people do this is by using diesel. But does this work? I did some research into this technique and found some impressive results. 

Wild hogs will be attracted to diesel. They use this as a way of protecting themselves from bugs and parasites. If you rub diesel onto a pole or a sack, the scent will attract them. You can also mix diesel with soured corn. 

If you’re looking to get hogs onto your land, diesel might be the solution. But what’s the best way to implement this? Here’s everything you need to know about using diesel to attract wild hogs. 

Does Diesel Attract Wild Hogs

How Does Diesel Attract Wild Hogs?

One of the biggest problems that wild hogs face is parasites and bugs. These can bring diseases into the population. The solution is diesel. By rubbing themselves in diesel, they will be able to form a protective shield. This kills the bugs. 

Because of this, the odor can often attract hogs onto the properties. There are many reports of farmers who have old equipment that leaks diesel. After they move the equipment, the hogs come and dig holes, wallowing in the areas where the diesel had spilled. 

What Kind of Diesel Will Bring Hogs?  

If you want to use diesel to attract hogs, you might want to think about the type of diesel you are using. The good news is that this something that you rarely need to worry about. Wild hogs will be attracted to motor oil, the type that can be purchased from almost any garage. 

How Can You Use Diesel to Attract Wild Hogs?  

Now that we know why diesel works to attract wild hogs, let’s look at how you can use it. One of the most popular techniques is using a creosote pole. 

To do this, you will need to get a creosote pole. You should be able to find these at a local lumber yard. The next step is to get a post-hole digger. This will allow you to bury the creosote pole in the ground. Finally, spread a layer of motor oil over the pole. 

The hogs will then come into the area and rub themselves onto the creosote pole. The best way to tell if there has been hog activity is by looking at the pole. You should be able to see the black marks that the hogs have made when rubbing themselves against the pole. The height of the rub will also give you a good indication of the size of the pig. 

Another way that you can use diesel to attract the hogs is by getting some burlap sacks. Sprinkle the oil onto the burlap sacks. While they don’t need to be dripping wet, you do want them to retain the odor of the diesel. 

Then, you’ll be able to remove the burlap sacks and hang them on the trees. You’ll want to put them low enough that the hogs will be able to rub themselves on them. Make sure to secure them to the tree; you don’t want the force of the hogs rubbing against the sacks to dislodge them. 

If this has been successful, you will see the marks that they have made on the trees. If you want to keep them in the area, you might need to swap out the burlap sacks every so often. This will ensure that they contain enough diesel to keep the hogs happy. 

A third option is to create a wallowing pit. This can be a good way of luring the hogs into your trap. It’s also one of the easiest methods. First, you’ll need to clear the area of vegetation. You’ll want to create a space that’s around two-feed wide. Then, you’ll need to pour the motor oil onto the soil. 

When the pigs smell this, they will use their snouts to dig out the ground, forming a wallow. You’ll want to set-up this wallowing pit in the middle of your trap. If you drizzle some corn around, you’ll be sure to get the hogs into the trap. 

The only downside to the wallowing pit method is the amount of diesel you will need to use. To be effective, you will need to add roughly half a gallon of used motor oil. This will create a strong smell and give the hogs an incentive to make a wallow. 

How Much Diesel Should You Use? 

While diesel might be useful, you don’t want to use it too much. Often, you will just need a sprinkle. As long as the area retains diesel’s scent, it will work to attract the hogs to the area and deter other critters. 

If you use too much diesel, you might end up damaging the local environment. It might end up making it harder for trees to grow. It can penetrate through the soil and damage the local waterways. If you accidentally spill a lot of diesel, you can use pellets to absorb the excess. This will clean up the spill. 

Can You Mix Diesel And Corn? 

Soured corn is one of the most popular ways to attract hogs to the area. They can smell the food from miles away. Because of this, they will be able to move long distances to feed. As long as there is still corn on offer, the hogs will continue to stay in the area. 

You will be able to mix diesel and corn.  The combination doesn’t hurt the hogs. But it will keep insects and other animals from eating the food. However, if you’re going to eat the hogs, it will be best to place the diesel around the food rather than mixing them. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally ingest any potentially harmful chemicals. 

First, you can make the soured corn. There are dozens of recipes on how to do this. For example, you’ll be able to use this video as a guide. Their method uses only a few ingredients, and it will take a few minutes to combine. You might need to leave it for a few days to sour. 

Then, you can put the soured corn into a trough. You can then place the diesel around the base of the trough. This will be enough to deter other animals. But it won’t impact the corn, so you will be able to eat the meat. The smell will also help to attract the hogs, making the trap even more useful. 

The other option is to use the post-hole method. In this case, you will need to make the soured corn recipe. Then you will need to dig a hole in the ground. Fill the hole with the corn and cover it entirely with dirt. Sprinkle the diesel over the hole. This will stop other species from digging it up. The hogs will come and use their snouts to dig out the post hole, removing the corn. This will give you plenty of opportunities to shoot them

Final Thoughts

Diesel is a great way to attract wilds hog to your property. There are plenty of ways to do this. For example, you can use a creosote pole or oil-soaked sack. You can also mix the diesel into the corn. This will stop other critters from getting into the mix. Alternatively, you can place the diesel over a post-hole filled with soured corn. So, try using diesel as a way to attract hogs for hunting. 


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