Can You Use A Whisker Biscuit On A Recurve Bow?

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When it comes to arrow rests, whisker biscuits are the most popular ones among the hunters and passionate archers. But the question is, can you use a whisker biscuit on a recurve bow?

Yes, you can use a whisker biscuit in your recurve bows if you have sight and a cut-out riser. But when you’re using non-cut-out risers, you may not get the best results. So using whisker biscuit, or WB in short, with recurve bows, come with a bit of a learning curve. 

Even though the WB allows you to have some benefits while shooting, it comes with some shortcomings too. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of whisker biscuits, along with some important facts.

Can You Use A Whisker Biscuit On A Recurve Bow

What Is a Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest?

The arrow rests used for full containment are known as whisker biscuits. It comes in different sizes and a wider variation, so you have to pick them according to the type of bow you have.

By using this arrow rest, you can stabilize your arrows while shooting. Besides, it ensures excellent arrow flight. As a result, it is popular among the archers, and they regularly use it on both recurve and compound bows. 

Will a Whisker Biscuit Work with Recurve Bows? 

As I said, you can definitely put a WB arrow rest on a recurve or even on a traditional bow. But you may experience a minute decrease in the speed. However, you are less likely to feel it when you are on the actual hunting ground. 

Moreover, it stabilizes your arrow to a great extent. So, when you’re standing in a critical position such as a tree stand, put a whisker biscuit in your bow for a better experience.

Now, some archers may say that using whisker biscuits with recurved bows is a bad idea. Even a compound bow user may agree to this fact. They usually think that because of the archer’s paradox. 

It means that when you use a whisker biscuit, you won’t be able to flex the arrows around the riser anymore, and the riser allows the archer to make center shots. As a result, the chances of making center shots will be reduced. 

Well, it is a real discussion starter, and trending content in many forums recommended communities! But don’t worry, you can surely get out of this ordeal!

To be honest, it sounds like a mechanical concern, and you can solve the center shot issue by using a spacer. However, there will be some movement of the string and arrow while finger shooting; when you’re done solving the center shot problem, you don’t have to be concerned about that anymore. 

By making a few adjustments on the WB, you can easily put it in a recurved-bow. To find out relevant content regarding this matter, you can go through some forum software dedicated to archery.

I also urge you to use carbon arrows so that you don’t experience anything unpleasant. 

Benefits That Come with Whisker Biscuits

Before you start using WB on your recurve bows, you need to know if it’s any good for your experience or not. So, before you commit to this equipment, let’s take a look at the benefits you get from it. 

Reduces the Chances of Missing Shots

When you install a WB in your arrow, the chance for you to miss any target decreases a lot. As a WB doesn’t come with any moving parts, you’re less likely to face any mechanical faults just like you did with other arrow rests. 


Yes, the WB is super easy to use on your recurve bows. All you need is an Allen wrench to do all the fixing. 

Quiet Operations

While hunting, you need to make sure you’re as silent as possible because you won’t want to scare your prey away. WB won’t make any noise; what you’re getting is a quiet operation at the end of the day. 

Prevents Arrows from Falling

When you have a WB in your recurve hunting bow, the bristles will be surrounding the whole thing. This prevents the arrow from falling, and you’ll be able to shoot with the highest accuracy. 

Ideal for Any Archer

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced archer or a beginner. Using a WB isn’t rocket science. I’ve already mentioned that it has simple functionality. So yes, even if you don’t have much archery skill, you can use a whisker biscuit pretty easily. However, it is more beneficial for beginners to improve their skills. 


Among all the arrow-rests out there, the WB rest is the most affordable one. Therefore, you can try a WB without any issue when you don’t have much money to spend on fancy equipment. 

Shortcomings You May Face with Whisker Biscuit

Even though whisker biscuits can be your best friend when it comes to hunting, it might also be quite a bummer sometimes. Here are a few things you may face on the ground when using this equipment. 

The Arrow Speed Might Get Effected

WB and feathers don’t get along that well. If you use WB on your bow, it may cause some frictions, leading to wear and tear. As a result, your arrow speed may get affected. Even with vanes, you might experience some loss of speed. 

Well, the same thing can happen due to inaccurate draw length, so wb isn’t the only problem here!

Now, if you’re a beginner, you may not feel any difference, though. But if you are an expert, or let’s say you’ve recorded any ‘slow-motion video’ of your practice sessions, you’ll understand the difference. 

Not Suitable for Poor Shooting Technique

Though this arrow rest is easy to use, it doesn’t work with poor shooting techniques. Besides, you need to make sure you’ve installed it correctly. Otherwise, you may fail to have a favorable archery practice. 

How Do I Know the Size of the Whisker Biscuit I Need?

When choosing the size of the whisker biscuit, all you need is to consider the arrow measurements. For a better experience, you should choose a WB rest that offers a 0.03 width gap near the top of a few arrows. 

If the arrow ends up filling the entire whole, it indicates that the WB is too tight. Keep in mind that you’ll have a better experience when using a larger WB. 

So while buying this rest, you should go for one size up. In this way, you’ll get the best size for your archery setting. 

How Do You Load a Broadhead into the WB Arrow Rest?

If you take a look at the blades of a broadhead extending rapidly toward the center, you should know that you can push the broadhead through the WB. 

And while using the expandable broadheads, you should carefully push them through the WB. Otherwise, the “O” ring will get bumped, and you don’t want that. 

The Bottom Line

Can you use a whisker biscuit on a recurve bow? Well, now you know the answer. 

People use WB on their advanced or traditional bow all the time. However, you may have to go through trial and error to get a hold of this arrow rest, so keep that in mind while picking it for your archery practice. 

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