Can You Shoot An Arrow Through Blind Mesh? ⛺

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One of the most critical pieces of equipment you have is a blind mesh when you are hunting. This will help ensure that animals don’t spot your position, allowing you to get a clear and definitive shot. It will also offer some protection from the elements, but you may be wondering, can you shoot an arrow through the blind mesh?  

In most cases, you will be able to shoot through a blind mesh without any significant problems. These have often been designed to have minimal impact on your arrow’s flight. With a little practice, you’ll be able to hit your target accurately.  

So, you shouldn’t encounter any significant problems when you are firing through a blind mesh. But there are still some things you need to know to make sure that you hit your target.  

Should You Use A Blind Mesh When Hunting?  

As we’ve seen, you should be able to make an accurate shot through a mesh. But why not just unzip the window, so you don’t have any interference at all? Should you use a blind mesh when hunting?  

The blind mesh plays an important role when on a hunting trip. It will let you get closer to the target, giving you a better shot. It can also offer protection from the elements. For these reasons, most people choose to use blind mesh, especially when on a more extended trip.  

To understand why hunting blinds are so effective, we need to understand the way that animals think. To survive, they have evolved to be keenly aware of movements around them.  

If you choose to leave the mesh off to get a more precise shot, you will be making yourself more visible. You might risk having the animals run off before you can line up your shot correctly.  

For this reason, most hunters will choose to leave the blind mesh on, especially when hunting skittish types of prey.  

How Does Shooting Through A Blind Mesh Affect Arrows? 

If you are going to use a blind hunting mesh, you need to be aware of the impact that this can have on your equipment. So, how does shooting through a blind mesh affect arrows?  

There are a few potential impacts that you might notice on the arrow. First, the increased resistance might produce a slightly slower speed. Also, it might affect the way that you aim the arrow. Thankfully, these effects tend to be very slight.  

To further reduce the impacts, you will need to make sure you are using the right type of arrow. 

You should make sure to use a fixed-head arrow rather than a mechanical blade. The mechanical heads will open when they penetrate the animal’s skin.  

Though these can be a useful hunting tool, there is the chance that they will prematurely open as they go through the mesh screen. Though very rare, there is still a possibility you will miss a vital shot.  

It’s also vital that you consider the size of the arrowhead. It should be larger than the vanes. This will ensure that they can pass through the hole without any interference.  

You should also be aware that shooting through the mesh might place more strain on the arrow. As a result, you might need to replace these more frequently.  

Tips For Shooting Through A Blind Mesh 

When using a blind, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you have the best chance of hitting the target.  

Before The Hunting Trip 

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are prepared to go on a hunting trip. This will make sure that your equipment and skills enable you to hit the target.  

First, you need to make sure that you are practicing with the blind before your trip. To do this, set the screen up in your backyard and take some shots at targets.  

This will allow you to see how the arrow reacts once it goes through the mesh. In most cases, the mesh won’t change its path at all. However, there are some times where you might need to make a few minor adjustments to hit the target perfectly. For example, you might need to shift the angle a few degrees to compensate for the mesh.  

If possible, you might want to experiment with multiple types of arrow and bows. This will let you know which combination will give you the best chance of hitting the target.  

You should also make sure that you are tuning the bow before you leave. This process will make sure that the bow is in the best possible condition. This will give you the most accurate shot, giving you the best chance of hitting your target.  

During The Trip 

Once you are ready, you can leave for the hunting trip. This is where you can see the results of your preparation work.  

The first thing that you need to do is set up the hunting blind. During this process, it’s crucial to find an area that will offer protection from the wind and rain and will allow you to blend into the landscape.  

It’s also essential to make sure that the blind mesh has been pulled tight. If there are wrinkles, they might disrupt the arrow’s flight and cause you to miss your target.  

How To Repair A Blind Mesh 

After testing the mesh or taking shots on a hunting trip, you will have left several holes in the mesh. Often, this damage will be much more significant than the gaps left by a rifle.

These need to be replaced once you get back. If you don’t do this, you will let the rain and bugs enter your tent. You’ll also find it harder to blend into the landscape, becoming more noticeable to your target. But how do you repair a blind mesh?  

The first thing that you need to do is find a compatible mesh. Then, you will need to remove and replace the mesh. In most cases, this can be done by unzipping them.  

Finding The Blind Mesh 

There are many places that you might be able to find a mesh. First, you might want to try a hunting store or the retailer that sold you the blind. If you can’t, can contact the manufacturer directly.  

During this search, you need to make sure that you find a blind that has the same dimensions as the previous one, so it fits in the blind.  

You’ll also need to make sure that it is a shoot-through blind. These have been designed for you to fire the arrow through, so it won’t significantly impact the way you shoot.   

Remove And Replace The Mesh 

The next step is to remove and replace the mesh. Thankfully, this tends to be very simple and can be done in a few minutes.  

First, locate the zipper on the mesh and unzip the shot-through window.  

Then, get the replacement and zip it into place. When you do this, make sure that it’s tight. This will ensure that it won’t interfere with your shot.  

It’s a good idea to use a blind mesh when you go hunting. This will shield you from your prey, letting them get close enough to give you a good shot. You can shoot an arrow through the blind mesh without losing too much accuracy or speed.  

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Can You Shoot An Arrow Through Blind Mesh? ⛺

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