Are Swhacker Broadheads Good For Elk?

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Archery elk hunting is immensely popular, but most bowhunters will run into the problem of selecting the right broadhead for their arrows. Many of these hunters will wonder, are Swhacker broadheads good for elk hunting?

Swhacker broadheads are a great option for archery elk hunting. They are very sharp and durable broadheads known to take down elk with little to no problems. Swhacker broadheads should be considered when choosing a broadhead where they are allowed. 

Many great broadheads can successfully take down an elk, but you might be unsure about the capabilities of Swhacker broadheads. Keep reading to learn more about why these broadheads are a great choice. 


What Broadheads Are Best for Elk Hunting?

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Swhacker Levi Morgan Series 2-Blade Blade Lock Broadhead 2.25' Pack of 3, Blue
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Swhacker Levi Morgan Series 2-Blade Blade Lock Broadhead 2.25" Pack of 3, Blue
  • UNIQUE HUNT-READY PLUG SYSTEM: An alternative method to the current shrink bands that keeps blades closed during hunting applications.
  • BLADE: Arced stainless steel .032” blade design, reduces resistance, helps retain arrow momentum and delivers greater penetration and pass-through performance.
  • FERRULE: Reinforced ribbed ferrule, built from anodized aircraft aluminum, delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Swhacker SWH00243 2 Blade 150 Grain 3" Cut - 3 Pack with Practice Head
  • First set of edges are used for cutting the hide and ribs
  • Second set deploys on penetration
  • Compact design Type
SaleBestseller No. 3
Swhacker SWH00251 2 Blade 150 Grain 3' Cut - Crossbow 3 Pack with Practice Head
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165 Reviews
Swhacker SWH00251 2 Blade 150 Grain 3" Cut - Crossbow 3 Pack with Practice Head
  • First set of edges are used for cutting the hide and ribs
  • Second set deploys on penetration
  • Compact design Type

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Elk are very tough animals. In order to effectively take down an elk with archery equipment, you need to be using quality broadheads. Your entire hunt and archery setup rely on the broadhead that you choose. This is why you must take the time to decide what broadheads are the best for elk hunting

For a broadhead to be good for elk hunting, it must be sharp, durable, and have a large cutting edge. Broadheads must be razor-sharp in order to easily pass through an animal and cut as many vital organs and arteries as they can along the way.

A dull broadhead will face more resistance and will not cut and bleed an animal as effectively. The broadhead must also be durable because as it hits and enters an animal, it will be coming up against thick skin, hide, muscle and bone.

A weak broadhead will bend and break when hitting these things, resulting in a non-lethal hit and only wounding the elk. 

Lastly, a good elk hunting broadhead must have a large cutting edge. Elk are big animals, so they need a broadhead with a large edge to properly take them down. When you combine all three of these aspects, you know you have a good broadhead that would be suitable for archery elk hunting. 

Luckily, the Swhacker broadhead has all three of these unique characteristics. First, they are sharp. Swhacker broadheads have razor edges and come with plenty of replacement blades if they ever wear out.

Second, Swhacker broadheads are incredibly durable. Many hunters will continue to use the same broadhead body with replacement blades even after shooting multiple animals. They can hit hard surfaces and still retain their integrity to keep being used effectively.

Lastly, Swhacker broadheads have extremely large blades and cutting edges. Because they are a mechanical broadhead, you get excellent flight and accuracy while enjoying the benefit of larger blades than you might get on a traditional fixed blade broadhead.

The smallest Swhacker broadhead model features 1.5 inches, with many other models boasting 2 and 2.5 inches of cutting lengths. For elk hunting, they are perfectly suited for bringing down such large animals. 

Are Swhacker Broadheads Sharp Enough?

The sharpness of broadheads is one of the most important aspects to consider. It is also common knowledge that some broadheads are much sharper than others, even right out of the box. So it is only a logical question to ask the same thing if you are considering Swhacker broadheads for your archery elk hunting. 

Swhacker broadheads are plenty sharp enough to hunt elk with. Right out of the package, these broadheads are very sharp. If you still want them to be even sharper, they can be easily sharpened thanks to the angle of their blades and the fact that they are easy to take on and off.

You can sharpen the blades with a simple broadhead sharpener.

Your broadheads should be as sharp as possible in order to kill an elk efficiently. If you ever have doubt that the blades on your broadheads are not sharp enough, take the time necessary to sharpen them properly.

This will ensure they are ready to go for when you are shooting at an elk when the moment is right. 

Can You Use Mechanical Broadheads for Elk Hunting?

Many hunters say that mechanical broadheads cannot be used for elk hunting. They believe mechanical broadheads, such as Swhacker broadheads, are more prone to failure and not strong enough for large animals such as elk.

This is far from the truth, however. Mechanical broadheads have been proven to be very effective for elk hunting. While it is true that some mechanical broadheads can fail to deploy and open, the design of Swhacker broadheads allows them to rarely, if ever, fail to open. 

There are a few places where you cannot use mechanical broadheads for hunting, even elk. You should always be familiar with the area, state, or country you are hunting and know all of the archery equipment you can and can’t use.

These rules and regulations can generally be found in the annual hunting regulations and proclamations for big game hunting. 

However, if you can legally use mechanical broadheads for archery hunting, you should seriously consider using them over the traditional fixed blade variety. Mechanical broadheads have a much smaller surface area, allowing them to fly faster and more accurately.

They also have larger cutting edges, making animals bleed more and thus die much faster. Because of their excellent accuracy and larger blades, mechanical broadheads are becoming more and more popular amongst bowhunters. 

Final Thoughts

Mechanical broadheads are a great choice for elk if you are a confident archer. Swhacker broadheads are a great option for mechanical broadheads and have been known to take down many elk with zero problems successfully.

If you are searching for a new broadhead to use on your elk hunt, then look no further than Swhacker broadheads! 

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