Are Remington 700 Barrels Interchangeable?

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The Remington 700 has long been the standard in quality and long-range capability when it comes to rifles. With how popular these firearms are, you may be wondering if the barrels are interchangeable from one gun to another. 

Remington 700 barrels are interchangeable. There are a few important limitations and things to consider first, however. Many of the different models of the Remington 700 use the same action and mounting system, meaning you can screw in just about any compatible barrel. 

In this article, we will discuss what makes the barrels of the Remington 700 able to be swapped out so easily, and what limitations there are on switching barrels. While not all barrels can be interchanged, there are plenty of great benefits to changing out barrels on your favorite rifles if you know what you are doing! 

Swapping Out Remington 700 Barrels

Swapping out barrels of a Remington 700 is actually quite easy and a very popular thing to do for many gun builders and shooting enthusiasts. All it will require is a specialized wrench and measuring gauge. In order to successfully swap out the barrel, you have to be sure that things like the action length, bolt face, and magazine type all match up to the barrel you are putting on. 

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It is important to note that barrels can only be switched to those in the same family of rifle calibers. For example, you cannot change out a barrel from a large caliber to one that is significantly smaller without changing out the bolt and action parts as well. 

With the proper tools and the right equipment, any good gunsmith can change out a barrel on a Remington 700 to a caliber in the same family in only a couple of hours. This is why the Remington 700 action is easily the most popular bolt action platform to build upon. Many gun builders will start with a Remington 700 as their base, and slowly replace parts like the barrel and bolt to increase its accuracy and durability. 

Barrel Considerations and Important Notes

As we have mentioned, you can easily swap barrels if you are changing to one in the same caliber. If you want a longer or shorter barrel and want to stick with the same caliber that you are already shooting, any gunsmith can quickly and easily do this. They can also change to another barrel in a different caliber as long as it is similar to the one you are already shooting. 

For example, a Remington 700 chambered in a long action (30-06, 270, etc.) but still get a barrel chambered in a long action. The same applies to anything chambered in a short action style. You can not take a short action Remington 700 like a 308 and rechamber it for a 30-06 as it requires a long action receiver that the barrel is not designed for. 

Another important consideration is the stock on your rifle. Many stocks are designed for a specific type or length of the barrel, and not all rifle barrels will have the same profile. A new rifle barrel may not fit with the stock on your rifle without some modifications or a new stock entirely. For example, bull barrels are much thicker and will not work on a Remington 700 that has a stock that was made to be used with a lightweight, tapered barrel. 

Can You Use Barrels From Other Brands with a Remington 700?

Yes, you can use barrels from other brands and companies to put on your Remington 700. In fact, this is easily the most popular option when it comes to replacement barrels on these firearms. There are many companies that only make high-quality barrels instead of entire firearms, so many shooters will opt for these barrels when upgrading barrels. 

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As long as the barrel is in the correct caliber for the rifle you are putting it on and has the proper mounting system to match the Remington 700, you can use any brand of barrel that you want. This gives you more options than ever before, as you can find different brands and companies as well as different barrel lengths, materials, and profiles to choose from. 

Are All Remington 700 Parts Interchangeable?

While the barrels on Remington 700 rifles are easily changed out and are interchangeable, this does not mean that all of the parts are as well. There are various models of the Remington 700, and while they all use the same basic design, they are all very different. This means that most parts cannot be simply interchanged between the guns. 

Even if you have two rifles of the exact same model and caliber, there are still parts that are not able to be interchanged. For example, the bolts on these firearms have very tight tolerances and work in conjunction with the rest of the firearm to produce the best results. While the two bolts might be exactly the same, swapping them can produce head spacing issues that will result in feeding problems or accuracy reduction. 

Final Thoughts

Swapping out the barrel on your Remington 700 can be a quick and easy way to give your favorite rifle an upgrade. Not only can it change the entire rifle and increase your accuracy, but it can also be used to change to a different caliber entirely. Remington 700 barrels are completely interchangeable, with a few important exceptions. 

If you have ever considered changing out the barrels on your Remington 700, it is still important to consult a local gunsmith or have them do it as they will have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and experience to ensure your firearm is properly put together and shooting as accurately as possible.

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