Are Hornady SST Bullets Good For Elk?

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When hunting elk, you need a good bullet that can penetrate deeply quickly to hit the vital organs and kill the elk right away. Elk have thick bones and skin, muscle mass, and tissue, so it is essential that the bullet can get through to the organ. 

The Hornady SST bullets can effectively kill elk. They are designed to deliver a shock when they make an impact, and they expand quickly and reliably. This is especially true at higher velocities. If you are looking for a bullet that offers accuracy and flat shooting, this bullet can do the job for you. 

It is critical to make sure that you have a bullet to quickly and ethically kill the elk when you are hunting. 

Are Hornady SST Bullets Good For Elk

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Features of the Hornady SST Bullet

The Hornady SST bullet is a Super Sock Tip bullet that you can use to hunt elk. It has a polymer tip that drives into the lead core, similar to a wedge. It creates expansion that is very fast while being controlled. It has the classic Hornady secant design with a taped point and an increased bearing surface. The profile is aerodynamic, and it has a boat tail base that makes it more efficient while giving it less drag and greater stability. 

It has a mid-body cannelure designed to hold the jacket and the core together, yet it still gives you an accurate crimp that is consistent while you are loading it. It also has an interlocking ring that is Hornady’s design. It locks the core and jacket together mechanically, which helps maintain the bullet’s integrity while it is expanding. 

What Are the Benefits of an SST (Super Shock Tip)?

Hornady created this bullet size, and it can be used in several different rifle rounds, including all of the most common centerfire calibers from .243 to .308. People like this bullet because of its versatility. It works for everything from killing small pests to big game hunting. 

The bullets are high velocity, and they have an ultra-flat trajectory and rapid expansion. They can take down big game quickly if they are placed well. They are very aerodynamic so they can shoot further than round nose or hollow-point bullets. The boat tail gives it less drag through the air and less drop when it arrives at its target. 

In addition, the polymer tip gives it controlled expansion. This doesn’t help at close range, but there is a big difference in the accuracy at further distances. The size, depth, shape, and polymer hardness control the bullet’s expansion, which allows it to penetrate deep enough before the tip breaks up or deteriorates. 

This ammunition is considered a pure and high-quality hunting round. It is excellent for hunting, and it is intended for long-range shooting with a high degree of accuracy.

What Is the Downside to Using the Hornady SST to Hunt Elk?

You can kill an elk with the Hornady SST bullets, but the drawback is that you lose more meat. It will kill effectively, but it will take a lot of meat out with the bullet if there is an exit hole. Some people use the Hornady SST for practice and switch to accubonds for hunting to preserve more meat. However, others say to use the rounds that shoot the best. 

The 154 grain SST works well for elk, and you can shoot them with a .308 as long as you don’t hit the bone. They are good bullets, and people say that they are satisfied with them, but you need to be prepared to lose more meat with this type of bullet. 

What Is the Best Grain Bullet for Hunting Elk?

Most people recommend using at least a 165-grain, with 180-grain being ideal. Some say that many elk have been killed with 130-grain bullets out of .270s, but the key is to be comfortable with your gun and bullet combination. 

The consensus is that you should use a 180-grain bullet. However, some say you can use a bullet with less weight, but you won’t have the same range. 

What to Know About Choosing a Bullet to Hunt Elk

The bull elk is one of the toughest big game animals in America. Finding a large bull elk will have heavy bones, dense muscle, and many experiences evading hunters. If you want to kill it ethically, you need to have a good cartridge. It is easier to do a broadside shot, and you need an even better cartridge with a tough bullet that can penetrate deeply. 

The three characteristics to look for are authority, reach, and good bullets. The best cartridges have a good size diameter, are heavy and tough, and move fast. They have a forgiving margin of error to account for any lack of accuracy as well. 

The reach is the distance the bullet can go without losing steam, and this is a combination of speed and aerodynamics. Ideally, it has a flat trajectory and excellent ability to duck wind. It should also deliver punch on impact at far distances.

You need range if you are hunting elk because you may not get too close. You want a heavy caliber bullet with controlled expansion because it can break through the thick bones, penetrate deep and straight, and kill quickly and ethically. 

Final Words

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Many people agree that you can use a Hornady SST bullet for hunting elk. This bullet has a polymer tip, and it is designed to penetrate deeply and expand in a controlled fashion. It is better to use this bullet at further ranges, and the only downside is that you will lose some meat.

If the bullet makes its way through to the other side, it could take quite a bit of meat out with it. When hunting elk, you need a bullet that can get in and kill it quickly, and the Hornady SST can achieve this. Make sure that you choose 165 grains or more for the best results. 

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