Are Hornady Interlock Bullets Good For Elk?

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There are many different types of bullets, so you must carefully choose what bullet you will need to use when elk hunting. Elk are tough animals; not every bullet type can successfully bring one down. So are Hornady interlock bullets any good for use on elk?

Hornady interlock bullets are an excellent bullet choice for elk. These bullets are designed to retain much of their mass and energy downrange, resulting in a hard-hitting bullet that is great for tough animals such as elk. 

Hornady is a well-known bullet manufacturer that produces high-quality bullets for hunting.

Are Hornady Interlock Bullets Good For Elk

Continue reading to learn about their interlock bullets and how well they can work for your next elk hunt! 

What Are Hornady Interlock Bullets

Hornady has been designing and manufacturing for many years. Once they introduced the interlock bullets, however, many more people started to take notice. Since their inception, these bullets have become one of the most popular options for elk, deer, bear, and other animals across the continent. 

So what makes Hornady interlock bullets different from others? It all resides in the unique design that has allowed these bullets to fly faster and become extremely durable.

The name “interlock” comes from the raised interlock ring embedded into the bullet’s core. This helps to ensure that the core and the jacket stay in one piece during flight and impact. 

With this unique design, these bullets retain much more mass and energy than other bullet types. Although Hornady produces different types of bullets, their interlock line has quickly become their best seller and one of the most popular. 

What Makes Hornady Interlock Bullets a Good Choice for Elk?

Hornady interlock bullets have become famous for elk due to their unmatched durability and strength. In addition to being a very accurate bullet, the interlocking design has become renowned for holding up surprisingly well even when penetrating a tough animal like an elk. 

Elk are huge animals and have dense muscles, thick bones, and tough hide. It takes a solid bullet to properly penetrate and punch through these things without breaking apart on impact.

However, the Hornady interlock bullets do an excellent job of making it through and expanding to create the most damage possible. 

While there are many great elk hunting bullets out there, Hornady interlock bullets continue to be popular deer and elk hunting bullets thanks to their performance and ability to hit extremely hard. Hornady is also a popular brand, meaning their ammo is widespread and generally easy to acquire. 

How Are Hornady Interlock Bullets Different From Others

Hornady interlock bullets have several features that make them different from other bullets. The first and most obvious is the interlock ring around the core and jacket. As previously mentioned, this ring helps them to stay together better and increases the bullet’s durability.

Even when penetrating an animal, the ring helps to control and regulate the expansion to ensure proper damage and performance. 

Interlock bullets have other features as well. One of these is the core that is constructed of one piece. Unlike other bullets that are divided into two pieces, the interlock bullet has one solid core.

This helps retain more mass and energy down range, resulting in deeper penetration and larger wound channels in the elk you are hunting. 

Other differences include a tapered jacket and inner grooves that aid in the expansion upon impact and better flight when shot. With all of these great features combined, the result is a bullet that is very different from other hunting bullets on the market today. 

What Calibers Can You Use with Interlock Bullets?

The list of calibers you can use with interlock bullets is almost too long to mention. Because these bullets are sold separately as well, the combinations are endless. Hornady interlock bullets are available in any caliber associated with 6mm, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30 cal, 7.62mm, 303 cal, 8mm, 35 cal, and 45 cal. 

Almost all long-range calibers use one of these formats, allowing you to use Hornady interlock bullets with virtually any caliber you own. Whether purchasing pre-made ammunition from Hornady or reloading your own custom ammo, you can rely on interlock bullets. 

Where Can You Legally Use Hornady Interlock Bullets?

Some areas prohibit certain types of bullets due to their design or construction. Hornady interlock bullets are a widespread and popular choice, and the only place they are not allowed to be used is in the state of California.

This is due to the lead they use in their construction, which is not allowed in California because of the health hazard they create for endangered bird species. 

Other states are also working on restricting the use of lead in hunting ammunition. These states include Maine, New York, and Wisconsin. While still legal in these states, it may not be long before hunting ammunition that includes lead in their construction is not allowed to be used. 

Final Thoughts

Many great bullets are out on the market today, but few can successfully take down a full-grown elk. You must carefully select the right hunting bullet when elk hunting, and Hornady interlock bullets are a great option.

With a unique design and durable construction, these bullets can hit hard and take down any elk regardless of how far you are shooting! 

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