5 Reasons Why Olympic Archers Use Recurve Bows

There are many different types of bows available on the market. However, when attending competitions, archers quickly find that recurve bows are most commonly used. This has left many beginner archers confused. So, why do Olympic archers use recurve bows?  

There are many reasons why archers might want to use a recurve bow. First, they tend to have a high arrow speed, minimizing the effect of wind resistance. They also tend to be reasonably stable, making them easy to aim and fire. However, the main reason why they are used is to make sure that everyone is on a level playing field. Recurve bows are shot in all countries and rely on physical draw strength, rather than mechanical pulleys.  

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why this type of bow might hold a great appeal to archers during competition. Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons, so you can see why recurve bows are used during the Olympics.

Recurve Bows Have A High Arrow Speed 

One of the reasons why archers prefer recurve bows is because they can achieve a high arrow speed. This can help them improve their accuracy, giving them the best chance of hitting the target.  

For many Olympic archers, their primary focus is accuracy. As a result, they are looking for a bow that can shoot very quickly. There are a few reasons for this. For example, the faster the arrow is traveling, the more likely it will penetrate the target. 

The amount of force required will often depend on the type of competition. During an indoor event, the target will be closer to the archer. As a result, they won’t need as much force to get the arrow to stick. In an outdoor event, more force will be required. The target is further away, and there will be more wind resistance for the archer to contend with.  

For many archers, the primary concern will be wind resistance. If an arrow travels quickly, it will be less likely to be pushed off-course by a strong wind gust. This will help them improve their accuracy, giving them a better chance of hitting the target.  

Due to how the limbs have been shaped, the recurve bow will be able to put more force behind each arrow, as the archer will be able to achieve a more powerful draw.

Olympic archers can get additional speed by using lighter arrows. Also, as we’ll discuss later, many Olympic archers have their bows tailored to suit them. This means that it will be easier for them to get the maximum amount of power from each shot.  

It should be noted that the power of a recurve bow is directly related to the amount of force placed onto the string. This will depend on the draw strength of the archer. As a result, the more archer trains, the faster their arrows will travel.

This is different from a compound bow, which uses a series of pulleys to allow archers to improve their draw strength. Though these bows have faster speeds, they aren’t allowed in competition, to give everyone an equal chance. We’ll discuss this a little later. 

Recurve Bows Are More Stable On Release 

Recurve bows also offer a more stable release. Because of this, the arrow will fly straighter. This ensures that it will be able to shoot more accurately.  

Another reason why recurve bows tend to be more accurate is because of the way that the arrow is released. When you fire a recurve, there tends to be a more stable release than other bow types. This has a few benefits. First, it will make the bow more comfortable to fire.  

A stable release also ensures that archers will have a better chance of hitting the target. In this case, they will put more force behind the arrows, helping achieve a higher speed. A stable release can also make it easier for the archer to control the trajectory of the arrow.   

There are many ways that an archer will be able to increase the stability of the bow. For example, using heavier arrows will reduce the vibrations, as there will be less excess energy. Also, they can use a stabilization bar. This will help them absorb the impact of firing the arrow.  

They Are Harder To Master 

Recurve bows typically tend to take a lot of practice before an archer can master it. Unlike other bows, there won’t be any mechanical assistance given to recurve archers to help them achieve a full draw. As a result, some people tend to view recurve archery as a better test of skill.  

The Olympics is designed to test each athlete’s skill in the sporting field. In archery, the type of bow that you’re using can often affect how difficult it will be to make a winning shot. For example, compound bows will have mechanical pulleys that allow an archer to achieve a full draw. For some people, this kind of assistance can provide some people with an unfair advantage.  

One the other hand, you won’t need to worry about this when using a recurve bow. Archers will need to rely on their draw strength to pull the bow tight. As a result, they will need to train harder before an event. Recurve bows ensure that archers need to focus on improving their physical strength and remaining fit physically. It’s not uncommon for professional archers to train from 5 am to 5 pm.   

Also, it will take longer for archers to get used to using a recurve bow. It will typically take between six to twelve weeks of continuous practice and effort before shooting a recurve bow competently. Then, they will need to put on even more hours on the range to perfect their technique. This ensures that they’ll be able to hit the target consistently.  

It’s this kind of hard work and dedication that the Olympics was created to reward. By stipulating that archers can only use recurve bows, the Olympics committee makes sure that everyone will need to train for a long time to earn the ability to compete for gold. This is one way to ensure that there will be a level playing field for each event.  

Archers Can Customize A Recurve Bow 

There are plenty of ways that an archer will be able to customize a recurve bow. This can make it easier to shoot and might help them improve their accuracy. Whether they will use these additions in a competition can often depend on the event’s rules.  

To make sure that they do well at a competition, many archers will want to customize their bows. This ensures that the bow has been specially designed to work with them and their shooting style. The more serious the competition, the more customization will need to be completed.  

At the Olympic level, many athletes will have their bow explicitly created for them. To do this, their team will need to take a range of measurements. For example, they will need to calculate the draw strength and how long the archer’s arms are.

They can use this information to find the perfect limb length. This ensures that the archer will have the most control over the bow. It will also let them put the maximum amount of force behind each shot.  

Another advantage that Olympic archers have is the materials that their bow will be made from. Typically, they will be using fiberglass-carbon bows. This ensures that the bow will be light, which makes it easy to handle. It will also allow them to make sure that it will cope with the stress of being fired.  

The archers will also need to consider the type of grip that they are using. This will help them determine how much control they have over the bow. It also ensures that they feel comfortable when drawing back on the bow. At the Olympic level, they will often have a molded grip. This has been designed to fit the archer’s hand better.  

Once the bow has been designed, the archers will test these bows. This involves making sure that they will get the maximum amount of force from each shot. Their teams will also analyze their performance. They will then make any necessary re-adjustments. By the end of this process, the Olympic archer will have the perfect bow for them, allowing them to get the best possible performance on the range.  

What Accessories Are Used To Improve Accuracy On A Recurve Bow?  

There are many things that an Olympic archer might use to improve their accuracy. For example, it’s common to see them using stabilizers, sights, and clickers. These will be allowed in most competitions. If the accessory is a mechanical aid, making pulling on the string easier won’t be allowed.  

When watching Olympic archery, many people will notice that the athletes use a range of attachments to improve their accuracy. One of the most common is a stabilizer. This is a long bar that is attached to the front of the bow. This is used to absorb the vibrations caused when the string is released. This will help ensure a smoother release.  

Another popular attachment is a sight. This is used by archers to make it easier for them to line up their shots, increasing their accuracy. Even if using a sight, it takes a lot of skill to hit the target accurately. They will often need to make a series of precise adjustments to the sight, depending on the arrow’s flight.  

A third popular accessory is a clicker. This is attached to the string. When the archer has achieved a full draw, they will hear a soft click. This ensures that they are putting all their force behind each shot.  

They will also typically have an arrow rest. This gives archers a place for them to rest their arrows as they are lining up their shots. It will also help them guide the arrow as it leaves the bow, increasing their chances of hitting the target.  

There are many types of accessories that archers will use to help them calibrate their bow during a competition. The rules will stipulate what kinds of things are allowed and which ones won’t be. As a general rule, you won’t be used anything that makes it easier to pull on the string, such as a mechanical release. Though, it’s wise to double-check with the local regulations before the competition. If an attachment isn’t allowed, you’ll need to remove it before you can compete.  

Olympic Games Rules State That Only Recurves Can Be Used 

The Olympic games rules expressly state the type of bows that can be used to compete. Currently, only a recurve bow will be accepted. This ensures that all archers will have an equal chance of winning the event.  

Like many other sporting bodies around the world, the Olympics has a strict set of rules. These govern the type of equipment that will be allowed in competition. These rules state that only recurve bows will be allowed. There are a few reasons why this decision has been made.  

First, it ensures that everyone will be on an even playing field. Many people prefer to use compound bows. Because of the pulley system, they will be easier to shoot, allowing archers to put more effort into aiming them. As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular in some parts of the world, like the US.  

Another benefit of using a compound bow is the increased amount of force they will achieve. This produces a higher arrow speed. This can significantly improve the arrow’s accuracy, as there will be less time for wind resistance to push it off-course. This kind of power can’t be matched by a recurve bow, which relies on the archer having a strong draw strength.  

However, not every part of the world is using the compound bow. For example, Africa and Asian countries tend not to have many compound archers, as they prefer the traditional recurve bow. As a result, if the compound bow was introduced, some countries might get an unfair advantage.

This could make the event more uneven. Also, if judges needed to consider which bow an archer was using, it will take longer to decide each round winner. The additional rules would make the event more confusing and harder to understand for the viewing audience.  

Despite these challenges, compound bows are growing more popular, especially amongst hunters and younger archers. If this trend continues, the Olympics might eventually decide to include compound archery. In this type of event, everyone will be using a compound bow.

This should give all the arches the same advantages, creating a fair playing field. It will likely follow the same rules as other international compound bow competitions. For now, though, this remains a theoretical discussion.  

Related Questions 

  • Are there competitions for compound bows? Compound bow competitions are another famous test of an archer’s skill. Unlike recurve bows, compound bows often feature pulleys. These make it easier for an archer to draw back on the string and shoot the bow. As a result, they aren’t as difficult to fire as recurves, making a more popular alternative. There are dozens of compound competitions held each year. These occur on the local, state, and international levels.  
  • Are recurve bows better than compound bows? There are many types of bows on the market. The right one for you will often depend on the situation you’ll be using it in. For example, if you’re attending a competition, you might need to use a recurve. However, it might be best to use a compound bow’s power if you’re going hunting.  
  • How much does an Olympic recurve bow cost? As we mentioned, many athletes have adjusted the bows to make sure that they are right for them. The average amount spent can vary greatly. Generally, though, an Olympic level bow will cost between $2,000 to $5,000, including the accessories.  

Final Thoughts 

From the local level to the Olympics, most competitions will stipulate that participants will need to use a recurve bow. The main reason for this is to ensure a fair playing field. The draw strength will depend on the training, not any mechanical pulleys.

It also takes a long time for archers to learn and master, ensuring that the people who have spent the longest time perfecting their technique will have the best chances in the competition.

Also, recurve bows tend to be equally available and popular in all countries around the world. Because of this, the recurve bow will likely continue to be the standard for competitions.  

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